Mike Relf


Music and performing have been a part of Mike’s life since he was knee high to a grass-hopper. It started at the young age of 6, playing piano and singing in both church and school choirs in central

Ontario (Orillia and Port Perry). His family was involved in local community theatre as well, so many weekends were spent watching and participating on and behind stage in musical productions the likes of Annie Get Your Gun, Oklahoma, Pirates of Penzance and many others. Throughout highschool he remained active in music playing tenor sax in wind ensembles and jazz bands and singing vocal jazz in a competitive jazz choir, participating in several Canadian Stage Band festivals (now called Music Fest) across the country. The highlights having competed at the festival in Quebec City in 1985 and at

Expo 86 in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1986.

Fast forward many years, including 10 years as a piper in the Guelph pipe band, and singing again in local choirs, he established his first rock band to compete in a battle of the bands charity event for work, playing at the Velvet Underground in Toronto. A few years later and some subsequent lineup changes Vinyl Revivyl was formed, with a focus on performing locally and sharing the love of playing great music with like minded musicians.

Don’t be fooled by what appears to be a lack of classic rock, blues, country, pop music etc. references in the above. Mike’s music influences include bands and musicians like Pink Floyd, Queen, Rush, KISS, ELO, Super tramp, Led Zeppelin, CCR, BTO, Simon and Garfunkel, Bobby McFerrin, Elvis, The Beatles, Ian Thomas, Brooks and Dunn, Alison Kraus, and many more. 

Tim LeBlanc


Tim (AKA Blind River Slim) was born on the shores of Lake Huron, raised on the hard rocks of The Shield, and grew up on the streets of downtown Toronto.


Rock n Roll, Motown, metal, ol' country, funk, disco, rap, classical, jazz... Music of one kind or another has always been a living companion for Tim. At 12, though, the Blues bit hard... and sweet... and never let go. A Northern boy was hooked!


Whether it was madly banging the countertop with spoons to Motown rhythms blasting from an eight-track while the house was empty, or blowin' trombone while class was on, or beatin' on the drums while

the teacher wasn't looking, Tim always found his way to playing music.


With a cheap old electric in a roach infested room is where Tim first felt the guitar's irresistible pull. Many years later, after a complicated, on again-off again relationship Tim's passion for the guitar led him to Vinyl Revivyl. That was two years ago now... or something like that.

Lori Weitzel


Lori was born in Stratford, Ontario, in 1961. As a child, she sang solos in church and was a member of many school choirs and trios winning multiple awards at the Stratford Kiwanis Music Festival. Lori's parents had an extensive collection of country music eight track tapes instilling in her a timeless love for such artists as Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.

During the 70's, Lori discovered Elvis, The Beatles, and DISCO! She was certain she would marry Andy Gibb and she did marry an Andy with whom she raised three beautiful daughters. Lori became a member of the Stratford chapter of Sweet Adelines (Festival Sounds Chorus) at age 30 where she enjoyed four part harmony and learned how to turn a diphthong! (It has nothing to do with underwear!)

At age 40, Lori struggled with an audition for a locally successful country musician and apologized for wasting his time. She was hired as a backup singer on the basis of her talent and personality and went on to sing lead and backup for the band Touch Of Gold.   As she continued her pursuit of joining a band, Lori practiced weekly with a Kitchener based classic rock and blues band called The Zoneians singing lead and backup until they disbanded six months later having never performed live. (The Zoneians described Lori's backup vocals as "psychedelic")

Lori then met some amazing folks at Taboo Music Studio in Guelph where she has had the privilege of singing lead and backup and sharing in writing original music. 

Like the lyrics in a Bryan Adams song... "Back in the summer of" ... 2018, Lori was quickly accepted as a member of the Guelph based classic rock and blues band, Vinyl Revivyl.

Ed Moura


August 1981-decided to get a drum set.

October 1981-joined a band.

December 31st 1981 played over 50 songs.


Rock/pop/Portuguese songs including polkas, waltzes, tangos, as well as Brazilian songs including sambas. Band played occasionally with top Portuguese and Brazilian artists. Songs played included top 40 /Prince / Kiss / ZZ Top / Led Zeppelin / Beatles/ Eagles/ Journey / Billy Joel / Bruce

Springsteen / Santana / Talking Heads / David Bowie / Billy Idol / A Flock of Seagulls / Pink Floyd / Golden Earring / Bob Dylan/ Elvis Presley / and a few more...

Even played the “chicken dance”, Disco, Psycho Killer.

Played to crowds of over 1200 people.

Played a lot of weddings that had between 300 to 500 people.

Played with 3 bands prior to joining the famous Vinyl Revivyl in January 2019.

Had a 20 plus year break since the last band.

I would still like to perform at Madison Square Gardens as well as an outdoor event with over a million


Phil Moura



At the tender age of 2, Phil was exposed to a variety of music styles and genres thanks to his parent’s musical choices. Toni Braxton, Celine Dion, Kiss and Quiet Riot are a few of the great sounds that Phil fondly remembers while growing up in Kitchener Ontario. During his childhood and early teens, Phil began enjoying different styles and bands that came on the radio or compilation CD’s picked up from HMV. While listening to anything from KISS to Killswitch Engage, Led Zeppelin to Linkin Park, and Eurythmics to Eminem, Phil began wanting to play an instrument to “be just like them”. Fast forward to his teenage years where his parents bought him his first guitar in Grade 9. A Red Washburn guitar and a couple Blink-182 CD’s is all he needed to become the next Slash (who is Phil’s guitar hero). 

A few years after that, Phil joined an alternative rock band by the name of Hurt and Affect, where he had quickly learned to play Bass since there was already two guitarists. The band changed over the years, played a few shows here and there and renamed to Clear Point.

After College was finished, Phil departed Clear Point and didn’t join another band for another few years. During his time at Gore Mutual, he met up with other musicians from the company and created Uncle Johnny’s Band. After a few company shows, Uncle Johnny’s Band disbanded and Phil was once again bandless (poor him).

A couple years after Uncle Johnnys Band, a couple babies, and a job change, Phil joined Vinyl Revivyl a Guelph based Cover Band that plays blues, rock, countries, top 40 and everything in between.